Tamar Cordover

Independent for Franklin


Your candidate for FRANKLIN

I represent social and environmental values-driven politics.

I work to improve transparency, sustainability and inclusion in governance. I will work to ensure that infrastructure and development consider these values.

Headshot photo of Independent candidate Tamar Cordover. Tamar is a woman in her mid-life with chin-length light brown hair. She is wearing a square-cut black jacket over a bright purple shirt. Tamar is smiling and showing her white teeth.

Tamar Cordover
Candidate for the Division of Franklin

EASY READ – Plain English version

I am running as an Independent.

Being an Independent means that I am not a member of any political party or aligned with any political party.

Being an Independent means that I can represent your views and the views of the community. I do not need to agree with any political party.

Australia is a democracy.

To be a real democracy we need to hear the views of everyone.

My election promise to you is that I will listen to you and represent your views.

I can do this because I am an Independent candidate.

My personal views are that we need Tasmanian government systems that include us.

We need government representatives that are aware of the views of the community.

This includes the views of people with disability.

We need systems that support people. This includes people with disability or other experiences.

If I am elected, I will be working in government to make sure that all people can have their perspectives heard.

Summary of my policy positions

EASY READ – Plain English version

Before I decide my policy positions I will listen to the community. I will listen to people with a diverse set of views and experiences.

Cost of Living

Some businesses can raise their prices because there is very little competition.

I will demand protections against this practice which can be called “monopolistic profiteering

Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

Health Care

There are many problems in the health care system that we already know about. We are not yet fixing these problems.

I have listened to the leading Australian Medical Association because this association is involved in our healthcare system a lot and so I think their advice is based on real experience.

We need things like more hospital beds, more GPs and more bulk-billing in the public system.

Public system health care is what supports if we have a Medicare card.

We need more funding for affordable mental health care and more funding and doctors for people who are trying to get support for Autism related diagnosis and needs.

I know that can be very difficult to access a diagnosis and other supports.


All Tasmanians have the right to be housed in safe, secure and accessible housing.

Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany


Our scientists know a lot because they do research. If I am elected I will want to follow the research advice of our scientists for decisions about the environment including for agriculture and industry.

I have heard from community members and scientists that we need a Marine Plan for Tasmania.

I have heard that we need to take actions for looking after our environment.

We can do things like developing better recycling programs. Right now your recycling goes into your yellow-lid bin. However, not everything that can go in this bin actually gets recycled.

There are also other things we can do, like making compost from our food waste. Compost turns into soil and can be used in the garden.

We can help people make compost at home. We can also ask restaurants and food shops to compost their food waste too.


Our justice system needs to be accessible and affordable.

Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany


I have heard that people want an AFL football team but they do not want a stadium at Macquarie Point.

People want the money that would be spent on a stadium to be spent on things like accessible housing and health care.


People want buses that pick us up when they are scheduled to.

We want buses that are accessible for all people including people with disability.

If we do not have buses then it is hard to get to school or TAFE or university or other training and hard to get to work or employment or community events.

Tourist taking photo of a building

My aim is

  • To voice the needs of the community to government.
  • To ask for faster responses to community needs.
  • To ensure government is open about what they do.

Connect with me

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Tamar Cordover

Independent for Franklin

I pay my respect to the Traditional Owners of the land, the mumurimina and palawa pakana people.
I acknowledge this land was never ceded.

Authorised by Tamar Cordover. 3139 South Arm Road. South Arm. Tasmania. 7022