Tamar Cordover

Independent for Franklin

Policy Positions


Your candidate for FRANKLIN

Community representative offering common-sense community perspectives to governance. Working to embed inclusion and sustainability, to promote sound infrastructure investment and the benefits of justice reform.

I believe in embedding INCLUSION, SUSTAINABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY in governance. I know we need SYSTEMS REFORM to address accountability to community, whole-community inclusion and sustainable environment policy.

As a small business owner I build systems of inclusion and sustainability, including for regenerative agriculture. For promoting inclusion and micro-enterprise in agriculture, I am an AgriFutures Rural Women’s Finalist for the second time.

I am also a Master of Research candidate examining inclusive justice system reform – and a long-time community representative to government – representing on issues of social and environmental sustainability, justice, diversity, accessibility and inclusion.
I have lived experience of disability and I am a single mother of high-school children.


  • Investment in People and Systems
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Inclusion and Justice

My Election Promise

I will keep working with you, representing and elevating community perspectives to government.

We need inclusive, accountable and sustainable decision making and platforms for participation. We need investment in infrastructure, to support people, environment and economic sustainability.

Policy Positions Summary

Health Care

More beds, more GPs and bulk billing clinics, greater support for public and acute care and health workers.

We can invest for growth, sustainability and impoved systems, working towards locally accessible and affordable diagnostics, mental health supports, state based disability services & comprehensive care for Tasmania’s throughout their life-cycle, including for youth and older people.


All Tasmanians have the right to be housed in safe and secure housing. Government must participate in providing affordable, accessible housing options for all demographics. We must end the finger pointing and work to embed sustainable planning models that offer housing opportunities linked with connectivity to services, including employment, education abd community.


Science backed actions for climate, agriculture and industry approaches. We can and must do better. Tasmania needs a Marine Planin order to comprehensively address competing pressures, pollution and biodiversity decline.

We must embed proactive sustainability approaches including to development planning, construction, resource industries, transport and agriculture. We can improve closed-loop waste reduction in ways that make sense and that are led by industry. Appropriate systems of governance can offer the guardrails to ensure we maintain healthy ecosystems, wilderness and recreation opportunities, as well as maintain sustainable growth and state economic stability.


We need justice system reform. Our justice system is fsiling our youth and vulnerable communities. We must close Ashley Youth Detention Centre, invest in systems reform to eliminate systemic abuse, reduce recividism and inform leadership and the justice sysyem on perspectives that protect the human rights of all our diverse constituents.


No DAP’s. Planning decisions should be made by local councils abd we must keep our independent platform for appeals. Planning investment is required to ensure skilful participation and comprehensive and sustainable approaches to issues of housing, population growth and economic opportunities.

World Heritage Area, National Parks and reserves are wild spaces and wilderness recreation does have a place in Tasmanian lifestyles and cultural heritage.


Yes to an AFL team, to basketball and to development of opportunities for youth training and professional participation.

This is not linked to a mandatory Macquarie Point stadium, at any cost, we can drive our decision making from herevwith i formed consent of community abd not by bullying of mainland or foreign influencers.

We need transparent community consultation, respect for the Cenotaph and to consider the broad community and heritage values of key public sites.

Yes, community supports elite training opportunities for sports and for Tasmanian teams to compete nationally and on the world stage but we demand that these long-term goals be approached in ways that embed community consultation, forward thinking and positive linkages between sports development and community.


Lack of reliable, accessible transport options impacts access to education, employment and Community. Public transport needs investment and must be made accessible and DSAPT compliant with consideration to wayfinding, whole-of-journey connectivity and accessible information both when planning and travelling.

Public transport investment can be made in conjunction with planning for environmental sustainability, access to services, housing and growth.

Social Services Sustainability

We must address state based social services funding to improve consistency and embed cooperation and support for complex intersectionality.

Defend Against Cost of Living Increases

Demand protections against monopolistic profiteering – We want Tasmanian businesses to thrive and we want Tasmanian communities to be able to afford a fair and reasonable lifestyle.


  • To voice the needs of community to inform government
  • To ensure timely response to community needs
  • To ensure transparency in action and government integrity

Tamar Cordover

Independent for Franklin

I pay my respect to the Traditional Owners of the land, the mumurimina and palawa pakana people.
I acknowledge this land was never ceded.

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